It all depends on the age of the baby: a newborn baby will need more diaper changes than an older baby, mostly every 2 hours. That makes 12 diapers per day. We recommend having at least 24 diapers/prefolds in your stack so that you only need to launder them every other day. Having 36 diapers is even better, as it will extend the livespan of each diaper since they aren't washed as frequently. You can start with approximately 6 diaper covers which you can rotate between wearing so they can air out. They only need to be washed if stained or smelly.

Once your baby is about 10 months old he/she won't wetten or soil diapers as often anymore, reducing diaper changes to approx. every 3 hours. Meaning diaper usage cuts down to 8-10 diapers per day.

Usually babies which are 15 months and older won’t need as many diaper changes and 6-8 diapers per day should be enough.

If you have a heavy wetter or you need a bulletproof night time diaper, try a pocket diaper. Pocket diapers have an extra moisture resistant barrier which will keep your baby dry longer. You can also stuff the diaper to your babies needs; use doublers for extra absorbency. Wool diaper covers with a hemp or bamboo fitted diaper inside are excellent night time choices. Give them a try!

Finally, it is good to have some fitted diapers or All-in-Ones handy for outings or for easy diaper changes by caregivers or grandparents.

We recommend using flushable diaper liners with your cloth diaper. These liners prevent your diapers from staining and will make clean ups so much easier. If you prefer an organic option try our organic flushable liners.

Stay-Dry Liners keep baby's bottom dry and comfortable by wicking moisture away below the liner. These reusable liners are great for any baby with sensitive skin.


We recommend the following for easy cloth diapering:

1 diaper pail with lid; you can purchase this at any department store

diaper pail liner to avoid washing your pail on washing days and to reduce smell

1-2 wet bags for storing soiled diapers on outings or for use at a day care

24 wipes to clean baby's bottom

1 bottle of bottom cleaner

diaper sprayer to make clean ups of soiled diapers much easier and minimize staining of your diaper



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