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1. Better for the environment

In the first 2 years an average baby will require between 5000-7000 diaper changes.
That means that over 4,000,000 disposable diapers are discarded every day in Canada. An unbelievable 1.7 billion disposable diapers are tossed each year in our landfills. This represents approximately 3 percent of the total quantity of residential waste disposal in Canada. The chemicals used in disposable diapers will ultimately be absorbed into the soil and groundwater.
Effluents from the disposable diaper manufacturing process (plastic, pulp and bleached paper) are more damaging to the environment than the cotton and hemp growing and manufacturing process used for cloth diapers. By choosing cloth diapers you’ll help to reduce your footprint in our environment.

Source: Environment Canada 

2. Save money! 

So many parents are asking if using cloth diapers is actually saving you money. The answer is clearly yes. Cloth diapers really do cost less. Using disposables, if your baby needs an average of 8 diaper changes per day in the first year, you are likely to spend $800 to $1000 just in the first year. That's more than most parents spend to cloth-diaper their child from birth to potty training. Also, unlike disposables, cloth diapers can be used again with more than one child.

3. Healthy baby, happy baby!

Your baby will love the soft feeling of cloth diapers on her skin. Cloth diapers are free of chemicals and very comfortable. Soft fabric inserts are gentler than the paper and elastic edges in disposable diapers. Many parents report that using cloth diapers instead of disposables reduced the occurence of diaper rash. Besides this, many organic cloth diapering options are nowadays available.

4. Cloth diapers are fun

Cloth diapers are available in many fun colors and prints, your baby will just look adorable in them. Choose from different styles, there is for every lifestyle and for every budget the right cloth diaper.