Disana Organic Wool Diaper Cover (Day and Night)

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Disana Wool Diaper Cover


Disana - our customers' favourite wool diaper cover - made in Germany

Disana wool diaper covers offer the ultimate solution for nighttime leaks, even for heavy wetters! Over are the nights with diaper leaks and wet bed sheets. 


Disana wool covers are pull up covers that are soft and stretchy. They work wonderfully over Disana's own diaper system (Disana knitted diapers in combination with brushed cotton liners) or over simple prefolds if the cover is used as a daytime cover. If used as a nighttime cover, your baby requires a little bit more absorbency inside your covers and a strong fitted diaper will support your Disana wool cover best to fight against nighttime leaks.


  • Wool diaper covers are anti-bacterial and dirt repellent therefore minimal washing is required.
  • All natural - made from 100% organic Merino wool
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Stretchy Pull-Up Covers offer a perfect fit.
  • Made from a mid-weight double knit that is thick enough to absorb fluids yet is light and airy.
  • Can be used year-round - yes, even in the summer - the breathable fibers will keep your baby cooler than in PUL covers.
  • Super soft and comfortable against the skin



Lanolin, also called wool wax, is the special ingredient in your wool covers that will make your wool covers waterproof. Your Disana wool cover comes pre-lanolized and does not require any additional lanolin if used during the daytime with regular diaper changes. However, if you like to use your wool covers as an overnight cover, you will need to prep your covers by soaking them twice in a lanolin bath. Follow care instruction below.

Washing Once a week, or when your wool diaper cover starts to smell, you should wash it with a gentle wool detergent, such as our Disana Wool Shampoo. Woollen products should be hand washed at a maximum temperature of 30 C. Simply fill your sink with lukewarm water, add some wool wash to it and place your wool cover into the water. (At this point you can check if your cover needs to be lanolized again: if the cover swims on top of the water without soaking it up then it still has enough lanolin in it. If it soaks up water you should lanolize it after your wash.) Gently wash your wool cover in the water and let it soak for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, gently turn it inside out and wash it again. Avoid rubbing or wringing of the fibers to prevent felting. Once washed, rinse the cover, gently squeeze out excess water with your hands or with a towel, and dry flat. Do not tumble dry or dry clean your wool diaper cover.

Lanolizing With every wash you neutralize the lanolin content in the fiber. To replenish the lanolin in your wool diaper cover simply dissolve 2 tbsp of our liquid Disana Lanolin Conditioner in warm water. Add some cold water to bring temperature down to lukewarm. Now you can add your wool cover: swirl it around and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. To finish, swirl it around again, then drain the water and squeeze excess water out of the cover, first with your hand and then with a towel. Dry flat. Your cover will dry in about 24 hours after lanolizing. Done!


Disana extracts its lanolin during the manufacturing process by washing the wool several times and gathering the lanolin. It is 100% cruelty free.

If your wool diaper cover is only a little damp you can air it out between uses and reuse it.

If used as an overnight diaper, do not put cotton pajamas over the wool cover as cotton may draw moisture out of the wool cover. A shirt and a wool covers inside a sleeping sack is enough to keep your baby warm and dry. You can also consider adding Merino wool leggings or pajamas during the colder months as well. 

We do carry a range of fitted diapers but our AMP Fitted Diaper are the most absorbent diapers and work perfectly with our wool covers. They are available in 2 sizes: size 1 fits well under Disana wool covers xxs and xs and size 2 under all the bigger sizes. 1 AMP hemp booster is included with the fitted diaper but we recommend to add another AMP 3 layer hemp booster to your diaper if you have a heavy wetter.


Disana has received the "BEST" organic textiles label and "Global Organic Textile Standard" label for many of its products. This sign of quality is conferred after an extensive certification and testing process, and indicates that organic textiles are of the highest ecological quality. All Disana products are manufactured in Germany.


Reviews (46)

Melissa 7th Jun 2020

Excellent purchase!

I strongly recommend these. I use them in parallel with Disana's cloth diapers, but they are actually great in and of themselves! Easy to clean, grow with your child, super durable AND so cute! I love their proposition of colours that are completely free of gender bias! Timeless design.

TA 5th May 2020

Lovely Durable Effective Cover

Love the whole Disana diaper system. I was drawn to buy these covers because they're all wool and no plastic involved (like many other covers). I used different cloth diapers for my other two kids but decided to try these out for our new little one and very happy that I did. I love the selection of colours too!

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