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AMP Flushable Diaper Liners

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AMP Flushable Diaper Liners


AMP Diapers Flushable Diaper Liners protect your diapers from stains, excessive dirt and oils from diaper creams, resulting in easier to wash diapers and a longer life of your investment. Just lay liner on top of your diaper. With every diaper change flush down the wet or soiled liner in the toilet or dispose it in the garbage bin, you can even compost it.

100% Biodegradable and Compostable

100 liners/roll

Warning: If you have old plumbing or a septic system we recommend flushing only the solids and disposing of the liners in the compost or garbage can.

Looking for organic flushable diaper liners?

About AMP Diapers

AMP diapers is a Canadian cloth diaper company which offers quality diapers that fit babies of all shapes and sizes. Loved by moms and babies alike, all AMP diapers have a few things in common; they are super soft, easy to care for and are truly comfortable. AMP diapers are designed to keep the messes in; they can be fully adjusted and provide excellent absorbency. AMP diapers were designed by Annie, a mother who decided that cloth diapers should be functional and comfortable throughout all stages. Every AMP diaper is made in Canada, in the AMP diapers factory in Winnipeg. Using the highest quality fabrics ensures that AMP diapers are durable and functional. AMP diapers offers many great designs, including AMP one size Duo Diapers, Sized Duo Diaper, Stay Dry All in One Diapers, soft and absorbent inserts and more! AMP diapers' most popular one size Duo Diaper is now available in prints. Try AMP diapers today and see why so many parents love them!


Reviews (2)

Anne-Marie 10th Oct 2017

My favourite liners

I tried a couple different companies of diaper liners and my favourite are AMP's. They are thiner and stay in place due to their "rigidity". They also feel dry even when the diaper is full of pee - this was not the case with other liners I've tried.

10th Dec 2014

Not a fan.

I found they were a little rigid and not very soft. They work fine, just not very comfortable, I would think.

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