Disana Lanolin Conditioner

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Disana Lanolin Conditioner


Lanolin is naturally occuring in wool. However, washing reduces the lanolin content of your wool diaper covers and eventually lanolin will need to be reapplied to make the cover waterproof again. Disana Lanolin Conditioner is lanolin in liquid form that disolves easily in warm water. You simply soak your wool covers for 10 minutes, wash them gently, squeeze excess water out by hand, then squeeze the wool cover with a towel to get additional water out, and let it dry flat for about 24 hours. Your wool cover is now waterproof and dirt repellent again.

Use our Wool Shampoo to gently wash your wool diaper covers.

Made in Germany

1 bottle/200ml


Reviews (3)

Samantha Disley 17th Dec 2016

awesome for woolies

Love it only thing you need to do is shake it well :-)

wiebke 7th Jan 2015

Perfect for woolies

I use this to give new water protection to wool diaper covers. You just need to shake it very well to mix it (if not you will have sometimes a lot of lanolin and at the end of the bottle only water) and be careful not to use water too warm, so the wool won't shrink

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