Disana Boiled Wool Pants

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Disana Boiled Wool Pants

Disana's boiled wool trousers are designed to be warm and sturdy, yet soft and comfortable. A high waist ensures that your child’s back and tummy stays warm and cozy. The generous cut leaves plenty of space for a diaper and warm clothing underneath and the two knitted braces ensure that everything stays in place. With their reinforced knees, Disana's boiled wool trousers are especially good for crawling tots.


74/80 = 6-12 months (discontinued for fall 2019)
86/92 = 12-24 months
98/104 = 2-3 years
110/116 = 4-5 years
122/128 = 6-8 years

We do not recommend to size up. Disana clothes runs large.


Hand wash cold/dry flat


100% organic Merino Wool


You can find measurements for Disana's boiled wool trousers here: https://www.disana.de/fileadmin/disana/Artikelmasse_2019/K_19-20_Fertigmasse_Walkhose.pdf

Made in Germany

Prizes vary depending on size.


Reviews (2)

Laura 23rd Oct 2018

Love love love these pants

They are warm, practical and excellent for cool fall days. My little one is 19 months and small (5th percentile) and she can wear the 12-24 size pants (rolled up). She will definitely wear them this year into the spring and probably next fall. We are outside quite a bit and these pants hold up really well. Really happy with them!

Gillian 23rd Oct 2018

Fantastic pants

This is our second year buying these pants and both my toddler loves them! They fit well, the keep him very warm, easy to brush off dirt, and easy to roll up if they’re a bit long. I wish there was an extra button to make the straps lightly tighter, but we managed by just crisscrossing them in front. Will continue to buy these until his size is no longer available.

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