Diatonic Rainbow Glockenspiel with Removable 8 Keys

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Diatonic Rainbow Glockenspiel with Removable 8 Keys

- Please note that the glockenspiel is packaged in a cardboard box. Many of the boxes that arrived here, after being shipped from Germany, have broken corners. We have checked each individual Glockenspiel and the glockenspiel itself is immaculate condition. -

With this glockenspiel, each sound plate is mounted on a separate wooden block so that it can be rearranged, supplemented or expanded with semitones as required,
The assignment of the colors to the individual tones is the same as with the fixed rainbow glockenspiel.
This makes it easier for children to learn to play. In our booklet, which is enclosed with every glockenspiel, you can find notes with a coloured border. This can be done by hand on any music sheets that you may have at home, even by parents and children. The colour assignment is based on the physical basis of octaving the tone until it shows the corresponding colour in the colour spectrum.

Glockenspiel 8 tones, diatonic, c, d, e, f, g, a, h (b), c

Includes 8 single keys and matching wooden frame, two mallets (1 x wooden mallet, 1 x wooden mallet with silicone cover) and a booklet with music samples.

Length (with frame): 35 cm, width: 15 cm, height: 5 cm

Made in Germany

For children 3 years plus.