Pentatonic Rainbow Glockenspiel with Removable 8 Keys

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Pentatonic Rainbow Glockenspiel with Removable 8 Keys

- Please note that the glockenspiel is packaged in a cardboard box. Many of the boxes that arrived here, after being shipped from Germany, have broken corners. We have checked each individual Glockenspiel and the glockenspiel itself is immaculate condition. -

This glockenspiel comes with 8 single keys in a pentatonic tuning. It is particularly suitable for playing simple children's songs in this tone sequence, as they are known in the context of Waldorf kindergartens. In addition, pentatonic instruments are particularly suitable for improvising and discovering simple tones and simple melodies.
The single tone glockenspiel offers the advantage that tones can be exchanged or the whole instrument can be expanded to a larger range.


In the pentatonic glockenspiel, two tones are simply left out: the C and the F.

8 tones d, e, g, a, h (b), d, e, g - pentatonic
Includes 8 removable keys in a wooden frame, two mallets (1 x wooden mallet, 1 x wooden mallet with silicone cover) and a booklet with music samples.


Length (with frame): 35 cm, width: 15 cm, height: 5 cm


For children 3 years plus.

Made in Germany