Diatonic Rainbow Glockenspiel 8 Keys

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Diatonic Rainbow Glockenspiel 8 Keys

- Please note that the glockenspiel is packaged in a cardboard box. Many of the boxes that arrived here, after being shipped from Germany, have broken corners. We have checked each individual Glockenspiel and the glockenspiel itself is immaculate condition. -

The rainbow glockenspiel with 8 keys is a classic among the glockenspiels in our range. It has a range of a complete C major scale and is therefore suitable for playing simple songs and melodies. The assignment of the individual tones to a color helps with orientation on the instrument and can also be used in conjunction with the accompanying booklet to learn to play according to notes.
Neatly tuned glockenspiel and good craftsmanship
The sound bars of the glockenspiel are very cleanly tuned and produce a pure, clear sound. Here the manufacturer attaches great importance to a sound quality that goes far beyond what one might expect from a "children's instrument". The base of the instrument is made of solid alder wood and treated with water-based glazes. In doing so, emphasis is placed on good quality craftsmanship. Two mallets are included. One of them is provided with a silicone ring, which ensures a particularly soft and calm stop. The other is a classic wooden mallet that produces a somewhat harder and stronger sound.

The glockenspiel is a little bit curved which allows for a better playability.

Glockenspiel 8 tones, diatonic, c, d, e, f, g, a, h (b), c
Includes two mallets (1 x wooden mallet, 1 x wooden mallet with silicone cover) and a booklet with music samples.

Made in Germany

For children 3 years plus.