Disana Organic Merino Wool Leggings

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Disana Merino Wool Leggings


Disana Wool Leggings - Made in Germany

Disana Merino wool leggings are so soft and comfortable. Knitted in a single layer rib pattern, these leggings are slightly thinner than our popular Disana wool covers. Disana wool leggings also work great as diaper covers over fitted diapers during the day when diaper changes are more frequent, if properly lanolized (at least twice when new). These pants have a nice stretch to them and fit great over cloth diapers. (However, we recommend using our 2 -layer Disana wool covers overnight, especially if your child is a heavy wetter.) Whichever way you use them, you will get a lot of use out of Disana wool leggings. The non-itchy wool keeps baby warm and comfortable throughout the day, especially on brisk winter days, and cozy at night when used as pajama bottoms. Since these wool leggings run large, especially in length, we do not recommend to size up.

Made from 100% organic Merino wool

Colours may appear slightly different on screen. Sizes 6-8 years and up will be only available in medium blue, navy, plum, grey and green.

How to take care of Disana Wool Leggings

Wool doesn't require as much washing as does cotton. It's often enough to simply air them out. If your Disana wool leggings need to be washed we recommend washing them by hand in lukewarm water with a gentle wool detergent such as our Disana Wool Shampoo. Don't soak for a long time and avoid rubbing or wringing of the fibre to prevent felting. Once washed, rinse the leggings, gently squeezing out excess water with your hands or with a towel, and dry flat. Do not tumble dry or dry clean your Disana wool leggings.

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If you like to use your Disana Wool Leggings as a diaper cover during day we recommend lanolizing them twice before the first use. To replenish the lanolin in your wool leggings simply disolve 2 tbsp of our liquid Disana Lanolin Conditioner in warm water. Add some cold water to bring the temperature down to lukewarm. Now you can add your wool leggings: swirl them around and let them soak for 5-10 minutes. To finish, swirl them around again, then drain the water and squeeze excess water out of the cover, first with your hand and then with a towel. Dry flat. Your leggings will dry in about 24 hours after lanolizing. Done!

Size Chart:

EUR Size US Size
50/56 0-3 months
62/68 3-6 months
74/80 6-12 months
86/92 12-24 months
98/104 2-3 years
110/116 4-5 years

Prices start from $34.50. Larger sizes may cost more.

Texture of Disana Merino Wool Leggings:


Made in Germany

About Disana

Disana has received the "BEST" organic textiles label and "Global Organic Textile Standard" label for many of its products. This sign of quality is conferred after an extensive certification and testing process, and indicates that organic textiles are of the highest ecological quality. All Disana products are manufactured in Germany.


Reviews (15)

2nd May 2017

disana= quality

This is the second pair I buy for my oldest, now 3. I love them so much this is all he sleeps in now and he loves them too! I'll be ordering some for the new baby as well and not wasting my money on any other items. Disana honestly holds up SO WELL. Between my two kids I'm now using their diaper covers, their sleep sacks, and their leggings. Obviously I'm addicted. PS the trousers are actually adorable! Just put those on him for the first time today. I tend to size up with everything. My 3 year old wears size 5/6 shirts and pants but I would agree with the description here. DO NOT size up. They will honestly last forever!!

Amelia 15th Feb 2017


I love these leggings!! They are not as tight fitting as the traditional legging, they are so comfy for baby! They are definitely worn often in our home. The sizing is very generous which I appreciate since they are more expensive than other baby clothing available, so I like to get as much mileage out of them as possible. Highly recommended!

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