Stockmar Wax Colouring Blocks with Beeswax - 8 Colours

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Stockmar Wax Colouring Blocks with Beeswax


Stockmar Wax Blocks are wonderful drawing tools for young children as they are easy to apply and completely non-toxic. Through the addition of pure beeswax as a binding agent, the light-resisting pigments reveal all their purity and brilliance. As mixed with wax, the colors provide a wide range of interesting coloring techniques. Stockmar Wax Blocks can be layered, scraped and even melted to make beautiful pictures. The beeswax gives the colours a special shine and won't crumble, stick or smudge. Stockmar Wax Blocks as well as their popular Stockmar wax Crayons meet the highest educational, aesthetic and artistic demands.

The Wax Blocks, which are made from the same materials and available in identical colours to the crayons, have outstanding drawing properties and appeal to the senses. Their size and flat shape mean they sit well in the hand and are specially suited for small children. What is more, children can draw colourful areas easily, and arrive at interesting effects. For example by dragging the long edge of the block in a wave-like fashion across the paper. From the very first "pencil", Stockmar's assortment of unbreakable Wax Blocks grows as you grow. And so too, the artistic possibilities.



Stockmar crayons or Stockmar wax blocks?

All techniques of painting here mentioned can be carried out with Stockmar crayons just as well as with Stockmar wax blocks. We recommend younger children to use Stockmar wax blocks.
They are easy to handle and inspire the creative painting. This way, colours create a deep impression on the child.
Older children easily learn how to paint surfaces with Stockmar crayons or how best to use the edge of a wax block to paint strokes.

8 crayons (Waldorf assortment), packaged in a tin box

Colours: carmine red, vermilion, orange, golden yellow, lemon yellow, green, ultramarine, purple

Includes scraper

Made in Germany


Reviews (4)

Ursule Maurice 4th Mar 2019

stockmar crayons

These block crayons are great. Vivid colors, easy use and, great for small hands. Not recommended for children under 3 years, However, my 2 and a half year old grandson uses them only with adult supervision.

Alexis 10th Feb 2018

Stockmar blocks

Love the blocks for girls love these so much, the colours are beautiful, easy to use and smell so nice.

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