Disana Boiled Wool Half-Zip Sweater

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Disana Half-Zip Sweater 

A Troyer is a woolen slip-on sweater with a turtleneck that can be opened and closed with a short zipper on the collar. With our light boiled wool troyer, we have reinterpreted this classic sailor sweater for disana. The light woolen fabric, which weighs just 260 g, makes it the ideal fall and winter sweater. Wide cuffs on the arms and body ensure that nothing slips. A small cotton lining on the collar guarantees scratch-free fun while playing and running around.


74/80 = 6-12 months
86/92 = 12-24 months
98/104 = 3-4 years 
110/116 = 5-6 years 
122/128 = 7-8 years 
134/140 = 9-10 years


Hand wash cold/dry flat.


Disana's Half-Zip Sweater is made from 100% organic Merino wool.

Made in Germany