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Whose Footprints Are These?

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Whose Footprints are These?

On a snowy winter's morning, footprints trace a path from a child's unmade bed, past discarded clothes and breakfast dishes to the front door where they're joined by excited pawprints. But who else is making the footprints and what are they doing?

In this delightful wordless picture book, the story of a child and a dog enjoying the snow is told entirely through following their footprints. Readers will spot clues to the friends' adventures in the detailed and playful vintage illustrations by world-renowned illustrator Gerda Muller.

  • A delightful snowy adventure with no words, which celebrates the joys of winter and encourages children to create their own narrative
  • Gerda Muller's playful artwork is full of fine detail and deft humorous touches -- can you see a bunny hopping over the horizon or spot a missing ball?
  • Fun endpapers reveal the mystery of who the footsteps belong to and what they've been doing -- gathering firewood, feeding the pony, chasing birds and peeing in the snow!
  • Gerda is also the creator of A Year in Our New Garden, Where Do They Go When It Rains? and How Does My Garden Grow?
205 x 255 mm
3-6 years
36 pages