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The Connected Family Handbook

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The Connected Family Handbook

How can simple activities help us connect more fully with our children and live more happily together? What types of games will encourage children to be kind to others? How can crafting and outdoor play build respect for the natural world? The Connected Family Handbook offers empowering advice and practical activities to answer these questions and many more.

Experienced parenting coach and popular author Lou Harvey-Zahra and successful parenting blogger Danielle Harbison have created a unique and inspiring book for carers of toddlers to ten year olds. Each of the ten chapters tackles an important theme for families -- Home, Kindness, Mealtimes, Move, Warmth, Teamwork, Adventure, Nature, Wonder and Celebration -- and suggests ways to nurture these qualities in children. Every chapter is illustrated with beautiful photographs and includes easy crafts and fun recipes to create with children, stories and verses to share, as well as tips on creative discipline, positive play and establishing family rhythms and routines.

Engage with NATURE by crafting toys from sticks, nurture WONDER by sharing a story about toadstools and fairy folk, encourage KINDNESS by creating a toy medical kit and make MEALTIMES fun with frozen fruit pizza. All of Lou and Danielle's ideas and advice come from a background of holistic child development, and celebrate values including eco-friendly living, connected family life, healthy and fun food choices and the importance of imaginative play.

Table of Contents

1. Kindness
2. Home
3. Mealtimes
4. Movement
5. Warmth
6. Teamwork
7. Adventure
8. Nature
9. Wonder
10. Celebration
Meet the creators

  • Created by an experienced parenting coach/author Lou Harvey-Zahra and a successful parenting blogger/influencer Danielle Harbison
  • Offers easy-to-follow activities and helpful advice to grow family rhythm and connection with toddlers to ten year olds in mind
  • Ten chapters cover important themes for families: Home, Kindness, Mealtimes, Move, Warmth, Teamwork, Adventure, Nature, Wonder and Celebration
  • Each chapter includes a variety of activities -- easy crafts, fun recipes, play ideas, stories and verses -- as well as practical tips and advice of creative discipline, rhythms and routines
  • Features over 300 beautiful photographs for instruction and inspiration

210 x 192 mm
224 pages
2 to 10 years