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Spring and Summer Nature Activities for Waldorf Kindergartens

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Spring and Summer Nature Activities for Waldorf Kindergartens

A wonderful resource book for any Waldorf or Waldorf-inspired kindergarten. 

Encourage children to engage with the seasons as they build bird boxes, use plant dyes, make earthworm boxes, grow and cook fresh herbs, create Easter bowls and care for butterflies. 

As well as fun nature activities -- both indoor and outside -- for children, this book also includes valuable background reading and advice for teachers, such as how to create your own kindergarten garden. 

All the activities in this book are based on practical experience from the Children's Nature and Garden Centre in Germany, and are fully tried and tested.

Topics include:

Gardening in a Box 
Dyeing with Vegetable Juices 
Radish Caterpillars 
Nature Nests 
Pressed-Flower Easter Eggs 
Daisy Games and Activities 
Strawberry Decorations 
Growing Your Own Cuttings 
Embroidered Fantasy Tablecloth 
Dandelion Games and Activities 
Cardboard-Box House and Flower Shop 
Spring Flower Bouquets 
Felt Vegetables 
Muddy Games and Activities 
Discovering Moss 
Mossy Crafts 
Exploring a Stream 
Building Boats 
Insect Hotels 
Outdoor Summer Games 
Spiderweb Frames 
Natural Soap 
Outdoor Play Kitchen 
Forest Dens 

210 x 192 mm
160 pages