Papoose Earth Pebbles (21 pc)

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Papoose Earth Pebbles (21 pc)

This product includes an assortment of seven earth toned stacking pebbles, with each colour containing 3 pebbles. These soft wool balls are perfect for playing games, counting, and sorting. Perfect for educating young minds about colours, numbers and math but also for all kinds of imaginative play.

The stacks are 13cm high and the biggest pebble is 11cm diameter.

Recommended for children 3 years plus.

Papoose Toys aims to engage the minds of children by creating open-ended, non prescriptive toys whilst at the same time providing resources for teachers and parents that are looking for sustainable, eco-friendly and natural educational toys.

Papoose Toys are made under fair trade conditions in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

Handmade from 100% wool