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Sarah's Silks Mini Playsilks


Our Mini Playsilks are a wonderful tool to play peek-a-boo with your baby or to wave around in music classes. These playsilks measure 21x21 inch squares and are the smaller version of our popular playsilks.

Mini Playsilks can be used as:

  • Rugs and blankets for dollhouses
  • A tool to play Peek-a-boo
  • Landscapes, Green for a cow's grass
  • Blue as a lake to sail a boat on
  • In a pot to stir as soup
  • Dance classes to wave around to the music
  • Tie a pouch
  • As a tablecloth
  • Wrap a little present

and so much more...

Playsilks are available in vibrant solid colours, handpainted rainbow colours or star sky.

Our Mini Playsilks measure 21x21 inch squares.

Hand hemmed. Playsilks are dyed with non-toxic dyes. Packaged in a lively paper wrapper that gives ideas for play.

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As per manufacturer, these playsilks are not recommended for children under 3 years. Silk can break if chewed on.

About Sarah's Silks

Dive into a world of colourful playsilks. Sarah's Silks creates beautiful, natural toys, that are simple and leave lots of space for creative minds. Who would you like to be? If princess, knight, fairy or flying hero, there are no limits set with Sarah's Silks playsilks and dress up toys. Sarah's Silks offers quality playsilks, toys and dress-ups for boys and girls that inspire imagination and creativity. Sarah's Silks are produced in Suzhou (China) and being finished in California, USA. Non-toxic dyes are used to colour Sarah's Silks and their silks can be hand-washed.



Reviews (5)

Anna 28th Aug 2018

Blows my baby’s mind

We are 6mo and out favourite game is peek-a-boo. When i cover my baby’s face with different colour silks she can see through them. Seeing the whole world in blue or white or other colour makes her shriek with thrill every time i switch the silk. They are expensive but that wonderful “wow” expression on her face is worth it. Im buying more

Jessica 31st Dec 2017

Sarah's Play Silks - mini play silk

The emerald green mini play silk is vibrant, soft and beautiful. I'm sure my baby will enjoy it. I'm hoping Sarah's Silks is an ethical company in terms of human labour and sourcing of the silk. I want to buy some ahimsa or peace silk from cacoons harvested in the wild and don't know how long it takes to get that product. Soft sensory fabrics are lovely.

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