Merino Wool Dryer Balls - Set of 3

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Merino Wool Dryer Balls

Pure wool dryer balls reduce drying time, save on electricity and preserve the lifespan of your clothing. They also make your clothes softer and less wrinkly without having to use any dryer sheets or fabric softener!

No chemicals, perfumes or dyes are used to make them. Each ball is hand crafted using only Merino, Polworth or Corriedale wool - depending on the colour. They are tested to last for 500+ loads. Simply store them in your dryer between loads.

A truly eco friendly laundry alternative.

Made in Canada.



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serena 19th Oct 2013

love the package!

I've used these a couple times now. I haven't noticed a difference in how long I need to dry my cloth diapers, but maybe it takes a few tries. We will see. If nothing else, they seem to have cut back on the static cling on our regular laundry and I love the simplistic packaging.

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