Kaiser Baby Sheepskin Rug

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Kaiser Baby Sheepskin Rug

Our baby sheepskin rugs are soft, soothing and comforting for babies. Made from 100% lambswool, the soft, short trimmed wool invites babies to snuggle up and fall asleep. Perfect for use in the crib, playpen, stroller, bassinet, on the floor, or in the family bed. Wool offers warmth and comfort not only in the winter, but is also wonderful all year around; wool has a cooling effect in the summer as air circulates easily through the fibres.

Only soft, natural wool that is 100% free of toxins is touching your baby's skin.

  • The lambskin rugs have been made by Kaiser, a German company, for the last 30 years.
  • The rugs are free of pesticites and other toxic substances.
  • Mimosa tanned with all natural ingredients derived from barks and fruits (plant tanning).
  • Free from synthetic chemicals.
  • Wool is antibacterial and dirt repellent.
  • Soothing and comforting.
  • Helps babies to settle for naps and night time.
  • Fur absorbs baby's own smell which helps them to settle better.
  • Natural lanolin makes the baby sheepskin rug extra soft.
  • Natural colour (not dyed).
  • Baby sheepskin rugs are short trimmed which is preferred for newborns and infants.

Approx. 95 cm long

Sheepskin Care: 

Sheepskin is naturally antibacterial and rarely requires washing. In most cases your sheepksin simply requires an airing out in the fresh air or brushing with a wire brush. 

If needed the baby sheepskin rug can be hand washed with Kaiser's sheepskin shampoo and line dried. Please use luke warm water and pull the rug into shape during the drying process to avoid hardening of the leather. 

Please note: Not recommended as a suitable sleeping surface for infants under 12 months. 

Made in Germany


Reviews (1)

Lucy 1st Mar 2015

Amazingly silky soft rug

A beautiful luxurious product. Very soft to the touch and very well made. This rug is exactly what I was looking for! Love it!

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