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Grimm's 60 Wooden Geo-Blocks - Multi Coloured

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Grimm's 60 Wooden Geo Blocks Coloured


Grimm's 60 colourful geometrical building blocks are a versatile natural toy that will awaken your child's imagination and creativity. In early ages, children learn how to build towers, and love to knock them over to laugh and start again, while pots can be filled with them and emptied out. From 3 years on, when children start to develop imaginary games, the blocks become houses and landscapes.

Building blocks promote motor skills, creativity, and colour and shape perception. Grimm's building blocks are individually cut by hand and do not have sharp edges or corners. Since they are dyed and finished with natural oils, and not painted, they keep the look and feel of real wood.

Grimm's wooden geo blocks are conveniently packaged in a net.

Recommended age: 1 +

Made in Germany


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niki 29th Aug 2018

love as always with Grimm's

amazing quality ,a good addition to our collection ♥

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