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Grapat 7 Moons Weekly Calendar

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Grapat 7 Moons Weekly Calendar 

Contains 7 Nins®-acorns in 7 colors that are associated with each day of the week according to Waldorf pedagogy. 7 vessels and 1 round dish (18cm diameter). Children will associate each day with a colour, helping to understand the passage of days.

Many ancient cultures believed that every day of the week had it’s own planet, colour, scent and grain and has been applied by Waldorf pedagogies.

Monday: moon, rice, purple or violet, jasmine.

Tuesday: Mars, red, Barley, clove.

Wednesday: Mercury, Millet, yellow, copal.

Thursday: Jupiter, rye, orange, cedar.

Friday: Venus, oats, green, rose.

Saturday: Saturn, corn, indigo or blue, myrrh.

Sunday: sun, wheat, white, frankincense.

Recommended age: 36 months +

Spanish manufacturer, Grapat, creates beautiful, open-ended toys. Manufactured by local craftspeople, the toys are made from sustainably harvested birch and beech wood, finished with water-based non-toxic stains that comply with European safety standard Toy EN / 71-3: 2014 + A1: 2014 / 2013.  The dyes penetrate deep into the wood, preventing colour chipping when the toys are dropped. There will be some natural variation in colour as each piece is painted by hand.


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niki 29th Aug 2018

love love grapat

colorful and great quality ,hours of playtime.

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