Formreich Soft Sole Baby Shoes - Strawberry/Orange/Purple

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Soft Sole Leather Shoes Baby - Strawberry/Orange/Purple

Beautifully designed and crafted soft leather shoes for babies. Made from high quality German leather that has been tanned, dyed and treated using non-toxic and environmentally-friendly methods.

Why we love our Soft Sole Leather Shoes:

Safe to chew on - Leather is sourced from a German tanning company that has been awarded with the "Blauer Engel" Award, certifying the highest standard of natural quality leather.

Safe for first walkers - leather soles are non-slippery and formed ergonomically around your baby's foot.

Comes with removable wool felt insoles (3 mm thick) for more comfort or extra warmth (machine washable).

All materials are sourced from Germany and manufactured in Germany.

Free of PCP (Pentachlorophenol) - a leather preservative

Free of Formaldehyde.

Free of AZO dyes.

Care instructions: Spot clean only.