Fagus Mini Front Loader

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Fagus Mini Front Loader

Introducing the Mini Front Loader, perfect for little hands! This compact front loader is designed for small-scale fun, with a length of just 5.9 inches. Let the little ones explore and imagine with this adorable toy front loader, perfect for their imaginative adventures!


Welcome to Fagus where toys stand for high-quality, durable, and educationally valuable craftmanship with a strong reputation spanning Germany, Europe, and beyond.

Each toy is meticulously crafted to ensure not only a high playing value but also certified safety standards for children.

Fagus commitment to sustainability extends throughout their operations, from eco-conscious product development to environmentally friendly packaging and comprehensive repair and spare parts services.

Central to the ethos of the fagus brand is their dedication to providing meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, fostering personal growth through manual labor and promoting a sense of community inclusion.

Through the skilled hands of their craftspeople, fagus produces wooden toys of exceptional quality, thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of children. This ethos not only benefits their employees but also brings joy to families while making a positive impact on society as a whole.

Discover the world of fagus wooden toys, where superior craftsmanship intersects with social responsibility, creating a playground of endless possibilities.


2 years plus

Made in Germany