Disana Merino Wool Knitted One-Piece - Grey

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Disana Organic Merino Wool Knitted Wool Overall - Grey


A small knitted overall for newborns and babies. Children who have only been in this world a few days or weeks need a lot of warmth and security. This is where Disana's fine new Merino wool brings out the best of its positive features.

For this overall Disana has once again used their tried and tested purl stitch. Thanks to its large, open stitches the fabric stores quite a lot of heat and it is wonderfully soft and cuddly. The purl stitch is elastic all around and offers enough flexibility for baby’s first kicks. Wide and soft cuffs on the sleeves and legs make sure that everything stays in place. The fine purl stitch is highlighted by four large buttons made from boxwood that make it easy to put on or take off the overall. The proven fold-over legwarmers of the knitted overall have not been overlooked, either. They keep your little one’s feet warm – even if they are not wearing socks or shoes.

Available in 2 sizes. Natural colour.

Disana's knitted overall is made from 100% organic Merino wool.

Made in Germany

Prices vary depending on size.

Disana runs large. We do not recommend to size up on Disana clothing.


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Kate 2nd Jan 2019

Not to Scale

I loved the 0-3 months version of this suit, but the 3-6 months version fits a little weird. I think they need to re-work their pattern for the 3-6 month size: the fit is very long in the torso, and short in the legs, and the buttons are spaced too far apart so that the suit bulges open in between buttons. The wool gets a little softer with each wash, that's nice.

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