Bedtime Storytelling

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Bedtime Storytelling by Beatrys Lockie

Anyone can master the art of storytelling with the right advice and plenty of practice! 

Storytelling allows you to lift a story from the page and bring it to life. Without a book you're free -- to personalise stories, make gestures, use props or give a hug or a tickle! But most importantly you have eye contact -- creating a greater connection between you and your child and allowing you to guage their reactions -- are they excited? Frightened? Engaged? 

This inspiring collection of tales, suitable for children aged from about three to seven years old, includes advice on how to become a confident storyteller. 

Collected by age interest, each of the classic stories are easy to memorise, adapt and enhance using simple storytelling know-how. You’ll find many are old favourites that are regularly told in kindergartens, nurseries and schools -- tales about magical creatures and exotic animals as well as stories from everyday life. 

Stories include: The Little Jug, The Mitten (Any Room for Me?), The Tomten, The Star Child, How the Zebra Got its Stripes, King Grizzly Beard and Hans in Luck.

No illustrations.

Format: paperback
Size: 234 x 156 mm
Extent: 152 pages

Table of Contents

Telling Stories to Children 
Why tell stories? 
Getting started 
Creating a mood 
Angels and fairies 
Animal stories 
Stories for special purposes 
Stories for Children Aged Three to Four 
The Little Jug 
The Mitten 
The Pearl-grey Cockerel 
The Tomten 
The Easter Hare 
The Star Child 
The Little Star's Search 
Stories for Children Aged Five to Six 
A Farm Story 
How the Snowdrop Got its Colour 
Hendrika's Adventure 
Miaula and the Twins 
Giant Grummer’s Christmas 
Ameliaranne and the Green Umbrella 
Joanna and the Jumble Sale 
Bad Mousie 
Susannah's Bears 
The Seven Ravens 
The Lion and the Mouse 
The Story of Beth 
Erwin the Elf 
Granny Glittens and her Amazing Mittens 
Stories for Children Aged Six to Seven 
King of the Birds 
How the Zebra Got its Stripes 
How the Elephant Got its Trunk 
The Cat Who Walked Alone 
Long-nose the Dwarf 
The Square Box 
A Tale of Two Children 
King Grizzly Beard 
Hans in Luck 
The Harp with Five Strings 
The Story of Ten Fingers 
The Twelve Months 
The Five Goats 
A Tale of Nine Children 
The Dog with Two Masters 
A Michaelmas Story 
Three's Company


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