The Canada Post rolling strikes are expected to continue into the coming weeks, which means there will be no overtime workers to address the increase in packages near the holidays. This will cause longer delays in parcel deliver, although delivery will continue. If there is a strike, all deliveries will stop.
Due to the increased likeliness of significant shipping delays with Canada Post before Christmas, we are offering the following options:
  1. For those able to pick up in store, we highly recommend this option. We would love to meet you and this will ensure you get your items in a timely manner.
  2. For those in the east end of Toronto, you can choose to have your items delivered for a flat fee of $10 (within 3 business days). This fee will apply regardless of order size. Boundaries are DVP, Lake Ontario, O'Connor/Eglinton, Birchmount and excludes those in multi-unit buildings unfortunately. 
  3. For those outside of Toronto, we are now also working with Fedex. Packages sent by Fedex will arrive in predictable times, however the fees are higher. 
  4. For those not on a strict timeline, Canada Post will continue to deliver, but at an unpredictable pace. This will be the most economical option.
We hope that you will keep supporting your independent online businesses as this is a difficult situation for all of us.