Wooden Knitting Tower

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Wooden Knitting Tower

This wooden, all natural Knitting Tower enables young children, and even adult beginners, to practice the essentials of knitting. Called a Knitting Nancy (or Ned), Knitting Spool, Knitting Knobby, or what we prefer, Knitting Tower, this wooden tower enables children to start knitted right away. Whether the final creation is a strap to hold a doll in a stroller, a headband, a band to tie on a silk or a rope to hoist up a heavy basket, the birch wood tower holds their stitches while their fingers freely move the yarn. Best part of all is the choice between a tight stitch 6-pin knot or a stretchy stitch 4-pin knot. Includes instruction. Natural Toys leave space for imagination and creativity.

3 inches long, 1.3 inches diameter

Made from Cherry wood

5 years+

Made in USA


Reviews (4)

Alexis 9th Nov 2018

Knitting towering

I purchased this and added it to my daughter birthday present. It was the first thing she wanted to try. It’s easy to use, I love that it has to levels, easy and advanced. Feels great holding it, overall very happy and recommend for any youngster interested in knitting. Great first knitting tool. :)

Amelia 1st Mar 2017

great for little hands

Really like this knitting tower, I like that it has two levels of difficulty and love the feel of it in my hand.

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