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Soar - Tula Free to Grow Imagine 


The new Tula Free to Grow offers an unconventional seat adjustment which allows for a young baby to sit in a supported position without the need of an infant insert. The back panel can be unsnapped along the outer bottom rail and can be pushed to the center (similar to a curtain panel) and then snapped into place at a narrower position. The carrier has altogether 3 seat adjustments to ensure that you baby has a comfortable knee to knee position during the critical age. 

Another great feature is the strap buckle. While the strap buckle allows you on the Tula standard carrier to give your growing toddler more room pushing forward, it actually adjusts the panel height on the Tula Free to Grow which is really important as your newborn baby should clear the panel (head) so that proper air flow around your baby's face is ensured.

Once the panel is opened to its maximum size, the Tula Free to Grow is almost identical in size to the standard size.

When would you choose the Tula Free to Grow over the standard size?

1. Your baby is born in the summer and you want to offer your baby a cooler choice.

2. You are worried that placing your baby first into an infant insert and then into a carrier is too complicated.

2. Your baby is on the smaller side. (The standard size often requires the infant insert base up to an age of 7 months.)


Generally the Tula Free to Grow now fits from 7 lbs all the way through 45 lbs all in one carrier!

free to grow

What else does the Tula Free to Grow offer?

1. Padded shoulder straps for comfort.

2. Adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit. 

3. A Large front pocket for extra storage

4. Padded infant leg openings

5. Supportive padded waist belt. 

6. Ergonomic seat for proper positioning

Washing Instructions: 

While Tula carriers can be washed in the machine, darker fabrics can fade during the washing process. Please place your Tula carrier into a pillow case to protect buckles and wash on gentle cycle with a detergent that is free of optical brighteners. 

Made in Mexico

Tula Free to Grow Carriers can be picked up in our Toronto store or shipped throughout Canada.


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