Tone Block With Mallet

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Tone Block with Mallet

Handcrafted from select maple and built to last, this tone block is extremely resonant. As with most standard woodblocks, it offers two distinct tones, and other subtle tones depending on where and how you play it. It can produce a low, deep tone or scratched with the mallet along the beaded surface to produce a guiro effect. The precision cut tone groove gives this tone block an unusual loud, crisp sound, well suited for children and outdoor and indoor settings. This wooden musical toy is great for exploring music in early years.

Made in USA

Measures 7.75 inches long, 1.75 inches diameter

3 years+


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Zan 23rd Oct 2014

it's a classic

I love it. sound is exactly as I remember it. I think it's a must have for the living room.

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