Peppa Waldorf Doll - Ellen (11" Girl)

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Peppa Waldorf Doll - Ellen

Ellen is looking for a new home where she can be a fun and comforting companion to your child. Our pretty Waldorf Doll Ellen has a light skin tone and chestnut brown hair.

Many parents who search for a non-plastic doll for their children decide to go with a Waldorf Doll. Waldorf dolls are not only soft and cuddly but are also entirely made of natural fibers. The bodies are sewn from a stretchy cotton knit, and filled with warm, natural sheep's wool that absorbs the familiar scents of home and family, promoting bonding. The eyes and mouth are embroidered with cotton yarn, safely secured inside the doll. Children can enjoy a Waldorf doll in many ways; the hair can be tied, braided or left open, and the clothing is completely removable.

Ellen is 11" tall and is a perfect Waldorf doll for older children.

All Peppa Waldorf dolls are hand made and are a "Fair Trade" product

The Peppa Doll has been featured in the magazine "Mothering' as one of the Best Natural Toys!


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kk 1st Nov 2017

we love it

I bought this doll for my daughter who just turned two and the size is just perfect for her. We love the softness as well as its facial expression. I think the price is decent comparing to other waldorf dolls (and even to other mass produced dolls).

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