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Omaiki Ö Sleep Bamboo Fitted Diaper


We are excited to introduce the new Omaiki Ö Sleep fitted diaper. It is a very absorbent fitted diaper that works especially great at nighttime. Ö Sleep diapers are designed for long and peaceful nights, the core of which consists of multi-ply bamboo viscose/organic cotton with a lovely printed cotton flannel and a stay-dry rice mesh lining to keep baby dry all night.

Parents can boost their Ö Sleep diapers by adding additional boosters in replacement of the mini snap-in insert. This is a great solution to ensure dryness all night long because the diaper can be adjusted according to the needs of the child.

Needs to be used with a diaper cover.

Size : One-size (8-35 lbs) (Please note that this diaper is on the smaller side. We believe it fits most babies up to 30 lbs but not beyond.)
Closures : Snaps

Needs to be used with a diaper cover.

Absorbing inserts: 70% bamboo, 28% organic cotton, 2% polyester
Stay-Dry Lining: 100% polyester
Outer: 100% PUL

Made in Canada


Reviews (2)

Stephanie 28th Sep 2015

Back for an updated review

Decided to come back and put up another review now that we have been using these as night time diapers for a couple weeks now. Personally there are cheaper options out there for diapers with absorbency thats a little better than these. Especially for the cost factor. Last night we decided to try the Omaiki O Sleep diaper without an added hemp booster(AMP) and paired it with our wool soaker...also purchased off this site and by 3 am we awoke to a soaking wet baby and bed(we cosleep) Not fun to deal with in the middle of the night. So an added booster is DEFINITELY needed in order for this diaper to last the full night.

Stephanie 18th Sep 2015

Great over-night diaper!!

We purchased two of these for our 7pm-7am sleeper. Before ordering these diaper's we were using disposables at night time as we co-sleep and didn't want to wake up to a wet bed. Our daughter is almost 19 months old and a heavy, heavy wetter at night. We added an AMP 3 layer hemp booster under the Omaiki inserts just to be safe. And we either use a wool soaker or Best Bottom cover over top. We have had no leaks. The diaper is drenched in the morning, but it doesn't seem to bother our daughter, as she doesn't wake up uncomfortable. Will be ordering another.

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