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Omaiki AIO Diaper - One Size



Omaiki AIO Diapers are easy to use cloth diapers for parents on the go, grandparents or for daycare use. The inner of the diaper consists of 2 attached inserts made from 70% bamboo viscose/ 28% organic cotton / 2% polyester. One of the inserts has snaps, so it can be easily removed from the diaper during the first months when less absorbency is needed and can be added later to provide greater absorbency.

Bamboo is known to be the most absorbent material in comparison to cotton, hemp or microfiber. As it is also very trim, it doesn't add any bulk to the diaper making it a very trim fitting AIO cloth diaper.

4 rise settings offer adjustability to fit your baby from 8-35 lbs

Omaiki cloth diapers are made in Canada.

Waterproof exterior: 100% PUL (laminate polyester knit)
Interior: 100% polyester (suedecloth)

Absorption: 70% bamboo viscose/ 28% organic cotton / 2% polyester

We only carry Omaiki diapers with snap closures at the moment.

Solid colours $28.95, prints $29.95


It is highly recommended to use soft non perfumed soaps without whitening or brightening agents and which has no additives.
It is important to remember that detergents may be labelled as being "organic" or "phosphate free", but they are not always the best choices for washing Omaïki diapers. In fact, an environmentally-friendly laundry detergent is not guaranteed to be effective. Even when detergents are labelled as environmental friendly green products, many of them continue to use commercially popular additives (i.e.: scent, brightening agents, enzymes, softening agents, etc.). But they are not always the best choices to maintain the quality of Omaïki diapers.

Most commercially available laundry detergents leave a residual film on diapers due to the use of additives and agents. The film created by these products creates an impermeable barrier that reduces the effectiveness of washable diapers. This may lead to the following problems: leaks, wicking, diaper rash, foul odors... In some cases, only a single one of these problems might occur, wherein other cases, multiple problems of discomfort may be caused.
Harmful additive agents appear in different ways; it is very important to carefully read labels and to eliminate products containing any of the following agents: brightening agents, softeners, anti-stain agents, scents..

-Bleaching products
-Liquid softeners (for all household laundry)
-Vinegar (on a regular basis)
-Oily detergents (for all household laundry)
-Creams to treat diaper rash
When using washable diapers, the following creams should be avoided: zinc base, petroleum jelly, bees wax, lanolin or other similar oil based products (including baby suppositories). If by accident diapers come in contact with any of these products, please follow the cleansing instructions explained below in order to eliminate residual film. There are many commercially available products that are entirely compatible with Omaïka washable diapers.

Omaïki diapers require an initial preparation before being used. Omaïki diapers must be washed 3 times in hot water in order to eliminate to a maximum any oil that results from the weaving process or that is naturally present in the fibers.
The Ö Pocket diapers and the all-in-one TEÖ diapers must also be washed 3 times in hot water and then machine dried at regular temperature. If the diapers are not placed in the dryer at least 2 times before being worn, they may present leakage problems. It is the heat from the drying process which allows the fabric and the seams to shrink and to close up the holes caused by the needles from the sewing machines.

BETWEEN WASHES : Before washing, soiled diapers must be stored in a dry place with no soaking or rinsing. Eliminate solid matter into the toilet bowl. In order to simplify this process, we recommend the use of the disposable Ö singe sheets that have been provided for this purpose. Then place the soiled diaper into the Ö Laundry Bag or into a diaper pail. The combination of the bag and the pail is the ideal solution: the pail provides support for the laundry bag which can then accommodate the diapers more easily and the bag can be washed with the diapers in the laundry, thus keeping the pail always fresh and clean.

Diapers should be washed every 2 or 3 days. The recommended sequence is as follows: rinse (cold water), wash (warm or hot water), and rinse (cold or warm water). The use of the dryer is recommended for every 4 to 6 laundries in order to ensure that the fibers tighten up and maintain the effective absorption capacity of Omaïki diapers.


Omaiki cloth diapers are made in Canada.


Reviews (3)

13th Jan 2016

Great diapers

We've been using these with our 1 year old for a few months now and love them. They are absorbent enough (for daytime only of course), they fit well and dry quickly in the drier. My only complaint is that all in ones are a real pain to spray off when you get a messy poop because it gets under the flaps. Pocket diapers have the advantage of being a flat surface and much easier to clean. And yes we use liners but they don't catch everything.

Lisa 29th Jan 2015

Goodbye smelly diaper genie!

We were hesitant about cloth diapers in general, due to a loss of convenience that disposables offer. I must say since starting with them, I have had no explosions out the back like I used to with disposable, I prefer emptying the diaper pail to wash every other day over emptying the disposables to the trash once a week. We tried Omaiki and Applecheeks, as I was looking to invest once and get something with natural fibres. I love the patterns and colour choices from both. The Omaiki fit our son better (now 6 months). I also preferred that there is no stuffing or messing with inserts. We've had a few leaks out the legs in the morning after an 8-10 hour wear (sleeping through the night! Woohoo!). I've bought the overnight Omaiki and look forward to getting that going for him. Overall, I would highly recommend these diapers. They are worth the investment. I look forward to maybe using them again with a sibling!

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