Manduca Baby Carrier

Manduca Organic Baby Carrier - Black

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Manduca Organic Baby Carrier - Black


The Manduca Baby Carrier is Europe's most popular soft structured baby carrier that can hold babies and children from newborn age up to approx. 4 years. This versatile baby carrier offers three different carrying positions: front- , back- and hip carry, all of which can be easily created with the flexible straps. Babies and children are carried comfortably and strain-free in the orthopedically correct M position, which keeps your baby's knees slightly higher than their bottom (frog position). Manduca carriers come in a variety of fun and bright colours and with their sleek and gender-neutral design, they're wonderful baby carriers that can be easily shared between partners.

Why we love Manduca Baby Carrier:

  • Integrated newborn pouch, no additional infant seat necessary
  • Babies sit in the orthopedically correct M position, reducing the risk of skeletal malformations
  • 3-point safety buckles
  • Outer shell is made of a hemp and organic cotton canvas blend
  • Inner shell is 100% organic cotton
  • Nickel free zipper
  • Integrated back extension, use it as a back rest for older children or as head support for younger babies
  • Fully adjustable, fits all sizes
  • Comfortable, padded straps and hip belt distribute baby's weight evenly
  • Straps can be closed either in a crossed position or a backpack position
  • Integrated hood protects from sun and wind
  • Elastic loops to fix hood to shoulder straps
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle, line dry


Recommended for babies 3.5 kg (7.7lbs) - 20 kg (44lbs)

Material: Outer shell made from a special, hard-wearing canvas (55 % hemp, 45 % organic cotton). Inner shell 100% organic cotton. Duraflex safety buckles, top qualify foams and nickel free zippers by YKK. Machine washable at 30° C.

Designed in Germany

FREE SHIPPING within Canada (excludes remote locations).


Reviews (2)

10th Feb 2016

Manduca Carrier - can't wait to use it.

Hi, My husband and I ordered Manduca carrier after my friend who has 2 kids recommended it to me. I have not used yet since I am 2 more months to go before due date. Before ordering, we did research and our 2 choice were Ergo and Manduca. Manduca won:). It is small (not bulky), very light, has great back support, has infant insert (where for Ergo you need to purchase it separately). Can not wait to use it. Only thing i wish there were more colour choices available.

Colleen Peck 4th Dec 2014

AMAZING: I would give endless stars!

This was my first time ordering from Ava's Apple Tree. I was floored with awesome customer service; prompt shipping and delivery; and an outstanding product! I love the Manduca carrier! I cannot stress how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this carrier! I told all the moms I know that this carrier is ideal! I suffer from a herniated disk and sciatica and this is the first of FIVE carriers that I've tried and the only one of the five that is comfortable, feels virtually weightless, does NOT hurt my back (in fact my back felt better as the carrier sort of places my body into a better posture) AND supports my baby in the ideal position. It is VERY easy to nurse a baby in the carrier, in any position, and very discreet. I nursed my baby at the mall and nobody was the wiser. It also must be super comfy for my baby as she was kicking her feet and humming when I put her in it. By some miracle, my busy 7 month old fell asleep not five minutes after putting her in it! She did NOT do this for any other carrier. I've used it for many outings already; I use it around the house so I'm hands free (especially while decorating our Christmas tree); I use it on quick trips to the store and long walks during festivals/parades/hikes. All in all, it's worth double the price tag, honestly. I couldn't be happier!

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