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Living Crafts Organic Merino Wool Silk Baby Long Johns - Blue/Natural

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Living Crafts Organic Merino Wool Silk Long Johns - Blue/Natural

Seamless baby long johns made of 70% Organic Merino wool and 30% silk. This combination is gentle on baby's skin and moderates temperature to keep baby comfortable. With bird embroidery and nickel-free press-fasteners.

Machine washable on (wool) gentle setting. Hang to dry. Wash with wool detergent.

Available Sizes

62/68 = 3-9 months
74/80 = 9-12 months
86/92 = 12-24 months
98/104 = 3-4 years

About Living Crafts

Living Crafts is a German clothing manufacturer that has been producing a line of organic baby cloth and adult cloth for more than 25 years.

All raw materials used are organically grown and all clothing is manufactured without using any chemical additives. All Living Crafts organic cloth is regularly tested by independent institutions.

Made in Europe

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.

Naturland has recently certified Living Crafts with the highest possible standard for eco-textiles. Every cotton-processing phase is reviewed based on the Naturland’s strict standards.

The raw material. Australian merino sheep wool and the mulberry silk grown in India is blended with the natural wool at a later stage.

The characteristics. Merino wool/silk is especially absorbent and breathable at the same time. It keeps you warm and can still be machine-washed at 30° (wool cycle) with special detergents. Its quality will not suffer as a result.

The conditions. The wool is hand-shorn and processed without the use of chemicals. The use of enzymes is harmless and based on natural additives. Living Crafts pays close attention and makes sure socioeconomic and ecological standards are adhered to.

The manufacturing process. The wool is treated with enzymes, however, only natural ones such as papaya and sugarcane are used. Both of them can be compared to the enzymes used in the production of sourdough when making bread. The natural structure of the wool remains untouched. The fibre is not coated with chemical additives, either. The enzymes dissolve naturally through heat and without chemicals. As a result, the soft textiles made from Merino wool and blended with silk are particularly suitable for persons suffering from allergies and those with sensitive skin.

The production sites. Living Crafts' Merino wool is sourced from Australia. The mulberry silk is produced in India where it is blended with the wool.

Quality Controls & Fair Trade

Transparency and fairness are important factors for Living Crafts. The company follows standards that have a long-term, ecological and socially justifiable character.


Reviews (1)

SITARA 23rd Jun 2020

Waste of money!

Update: I have been buying Engel and Disana and really love the quality of their products that LAST more than one season. And was happy to find a but cheaper option Living Crafts and happily bought few of their pieces. The quality "seems to be good" when you receive it, but the threads are super thin and holes will appear very fast. I got refunded for another pieces that got hole just in few days of use, this piece didnt last more than 1 season. We use them only for sleeping, they were pretty long when they arrived so I saved them for the next year, and after using them for 5 months for night sleeps they have 3 holes that are growing. (We never wash our wool pieces in washing machine and always hang to dry). Such a waste of money, I was hoping to use them for another baby in future like I did successfully with all Disana and Engel products. I dont recommend Living Crafts products.

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