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Grimm's Geometrical Domino Shapes Game (28 pc)

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Grimm's Geometrical Domino Shapes Game 

Classical Domino with many possibilities: One variation of the game would be to match and name the colours. With the colour scheme you can also promote the feeling for harmonious compatability.

Your fingers can also feel the raised geometrical forms from which a new game can be created.

A detailed description of play is included!

SET INCLUDES 28 pieces, 14 colours, with 7 geometrical motives.

Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water-based color stain.

Size: plates 4x8cm, height 1cm.

Recommended for children 3 year +.

All Grimm's toys are produced and hand painted in small factories within Germany. Each item is produced with lots of care and anyone that has ever held a Grimm's toy in their hands will understand their slogan: "Joy through colours"! Grimm's developes toys that help children discover their own creativity through simple and reduced shapes that leave room for independent arrangement. Many of Grimm's toys integrate Waldorf and Montessori aspects in their design. Grimm's are one of Europe's most beloved companies for natural toys. Ava's Appletree is proud to offer Grimm's toys now to parents in Canada.


Grimm’s wooden toys are not finished with a lacquer therefore they cannot be exposed to water as the wood softens and breaks as a result. If you would like to clean your toys, use a damp cloth and wipe them down.

Grimm’s has a high standard for quality and long life. When making our toys, we carefully select wood without defects. At each step, the quality of the wood is checked.

Wood is a natural product, responds to air changes, and is not indestructible. When using their new toys, prompt children to use caution. If something breaks, repairing the damage with wood glue is a safe, and environmentally sound way to keep enjoying the toy.

Grimms oils their nature wood products with a mix of different nature oils. The stronger smell is typical for natural linseed oil which is completely harmless, and it will decrease over time.



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