Glueckskaefer Wooden Knitting Helper

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Glueckskaefer Wooden Knitting Helper


This wooden, all natural Knitting Helper enables young children, and even adult beginners, to practice the essentials of knitting. This wooden knitting helper enables children to start knitted right away. Whether the final creation is a strap to hold a doll in a stroller, a headband, a band to tie on a silk or a rope to hoist up a heavy basket, the knitting helper holds their stitches while their fingers freely move the yarn. Includes instruction. Natural Toys leave space for imagination and creativity.

Wool is not included.

Length 11 cm

5 years+

Made in Germany


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wiebke 7th Jan 2015

Not very convenient

I am new to knitting but this product seems to have some disadvantages. *the wool keeps stuck in the hole, because the wood is too rough, so you can't easily pull the wool through *the red top of the needle is marking off at your hand. *also the knitting helper seems quite long, so it takes long time before you can see your knitting to check. *instructions have not been easy to understand how to pull the knitting off the knitting helper.

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