Elephant Grass Storage Basket - Pattern 18 (Kids Size)

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Elephant Grass Storage Basket - Pattern 17 (Kids Size)

Just as durable as the adult size, these baskets are the perfect size for kids!

Made from naturally harvested elephant grass. 

Handles are wrapped with leather for durability (handle colour can vary from medium brown, red brown to dark brown)

Reshaping: Baskets can arrive misshapen, you can run it under water, shape and leave it to air dry.

Measures approx, 23 x 13 cm (variations of size is possible as it is a handmade item)

Trimming: Each basket is handmade using elephant grass, similar to straw. Sometimes bits of straw can stick out. Please trim it with a pair of scissors.

A Fair Trade product from Ghana

Please note that a fixed shipping fee of $25 is applied to this product (over-sized). We will refund this fee is you pick this item up from our retail store in Toronto or may partial refund if the shipping fee is lower. 




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