Disana Raw Silk Diaper Liners

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Disana Raw Silk Diaper Liners


Silk liners are an essential accessory to your cloth diapering collection; they are great to have on hand for the times when your baby's bottom is sore. When your baby suffers from a diaper rash, disana's raw silk liner will soothe and calm your baby's skin. Raw silk contains plenty of natural silk bast, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. The silk also gently cools down the inflamed skin. This is an excellent, natural alternative to a salve or cream.

To use, simply add the silk liner to the cloth diaper alongside the cotton liner, directly next to your baby’s skin. The silk liner should be changed every time along with the diaper until baby’s skin is no longer red.

Made by disana, these liners are made from 100% raw silk. Made in Germany

1 silk liner


Size: 45 x 15 cm (17.72 x 5.91 inches)

Care: Silk should always be washed by hand with a mild wool detergent at a temperature up to 30 degrees. Hang to dry. When drying, avoid long periods in direct sunlight as this can cause the fiber to become brittle and lose its firmness.

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Reviews (3)

Lindsay 24th Jun 2018

Just okay

I found these to be just okay. At first they are super soft. However you need to hand wash them. I use them for overnights with the disana system. I found it incredibly hard to hand wash and get all the urine out - not to mention I would try and wash immediately after a diaper change because they dry quickly (not really fun in the middle of the night). Poop is even worse. Not only that, after a few washes they definitely feel rougher. Because of that I've just started throwing them in with cold wash stuff. That said, they keep baby's bum happy and I don't need to use cream during those long night stretches with these. I try to avoid these around poop times. I doubt they'll last which is too bad. Can't really justify the price. Might keep a couple on hand for occasional use only.

Sheila 4th Oct 2017

great natural material!

I use one of these for overnight with my little one. We are trying to get away from synthetic materials for environmental reasons. This works as well as the fleece stay liners we have. The fleece are much cheaper, but it's worth it to us to reduce plastics in our wash!

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