Disana Organic Knitted Diaper

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Disana Organic Knitted Diaper


Disana's knitted diapers are part of Disana's popular diaper system. Each Disana knitted diaper is made of soft organic cotton that is finely knitted and ties comfortably around your baby for a custom fit, no matter what their size or age. It is truly a one-size diaper that perfectly fits from birth to potty training. Teamed up with Disana wool covers and Disana Brushed Cotton Liners, it is part of a perfect nighttime diaper system: a breathable and comfortable diaper system that is made from the best, all-natural fibers.

How does the Disana Diaper System work?


The Disana Diaper System requires 3 pieces:

1. Disana Organic Knitted Diaper: This is the actual diaper that forms around your baby; it is fairly thin but absorbs fluids and retains it inside the fibres.

2. Disana Brushed Cotton Liner: Trifolded, it absorbs most of the fluids in the wet zone and is required for the system to work. You can use any absorbent liners/prefolds you have on hand too.

3. Disana Wool Cover: This is your waterproof outer shell made of very soft organic Merino wool.

How to use the Disana Diaper System:


Spread out the knitted diaper on the changing table, you can fold down the back and/or front part of the diaper to adjust to baby's size. Place a brushed cotton liner into the diaper.


Place baby on the diaper.


Fold up the liner first. Then take the bottom flaps and pull them towards the belly button. Hold them there.


With your free hand, fold up the part that goes between the leg. Wrap it tightly around the belly, cross the ties behind your baby and bring them to front again.


Tie a bow. The knitting gives the diaper a nice stretch so it fits snug yet comfortably. Your baby is not restricted, but wrapped gently with plenty of room to move. You can tuck in the edges around the legs to contain messes even better.


Finally, pull a Disana Wool Cover over the diaper. Once lanolized, it is waterproof yet breathable. The soft ribbing around the waist and legs hold the pants firmly but gently in place. Wool naturally balances temperature; your baby stays comfortable all year around.

We admit, this diaper system requires a little bit of practice, but it is a wonderful diaper system that is very breathable, economical and made of 100% organic fibres, completly free of synthetic fibres found in elastics or velcro.

Care Instructions: Before first use, we recommend pre-washing your diapers 5-6 times to achieve full absorbency.
Machine Washable on hot setting. Make a bow tie before placing the diaper into the machine to avoid tangling of the ties. Use a mild, environmentally friendly detergent free of any added fragrances and other additives. The diapers can be dried in the clothes dryer on low setting.

Made in family-owned factories in Germany

We only ship Disana products to customers in Canada.


Reviews (8)

Stephanie 30th Jun 2017

best cloth diaper ive ever use!

Ive use cloth diapers for all my four babies. Over the years ive try several type: the regular nappies we have to fold, prefold diapers, fitted, snap, velcro, cotton, bamboo, all in one... from maybe 6 or more different compagnies. Ive even sew some myself. When i saw the disana system I had to try it. I gave birth to my daughter last week. She is on the small side, 6lbs 4 oz. One size diaper dont fit, I have to use premies prefold. But Disana diaper work like a charm! Very easy to fold in the back so it fit smaller babies; very soft on newborn skin, and work like a charm for the night shift and long nap. Very, very happy with this.

Tamara 27th Apr 2017

I wanted to like them....

I really wanted to like these diapers. I LOVE the Disana wool covers so I was hopeful that these would be another diaper miracle I had never heard of before. There is nothing technically wrong with them: organic cotton is the best and they are well made. I just had too much trouble getting them to be tight around my baby's legs and I found that whatever liner or doubler I put in would shift around, sometimes right out of place. But this could all just be "user error", so maybe just be prepared for a learning curve and some trial and error? Feedback from Ava's Appletree: Hi Tamara, it is important that you tuck in any excess fabric around the legs so that it forms a diaper similar to a fitted diaper. If used with Disana's brushed cotton liner and if it's tucked in properly, the insert should not move around. We have updated our product image gallery with a sample picture that shows the knitted diaper on our doll. We hope this helps to give you a better idea of the fit but please get in touch with us if you have any follow up questions.

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