Disana Organic Cotton Muslin Flats - 5 Pack

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Disana Organic Cotton Muslin Flats - 5 Pack

Disana Muslin Flats can be used with a wide range of cloth diapers. The large 80 x 80 cm muslin flat can be folded into a rectangular pad to form a very absorbent insert for use inside a diaper cover, pocket diaper or fitted diaper. If you plan to use it underneath a wool cover we recommend the kite-fold which requires a little bit of practice, but once mastered it makes a very absorbent and trim fitting diaper for the day time. Once folded the muslin flat can be easily secured with a snappi.

Paired with a Disana brushed cotton liner and a wool cover, it also becomes a great nighttime diaper.

Disana Muslin Flats need to be pre-washed 3-5 times with very hot water to strip the fabric of its natural oils and become absorbent. Note that the cotton itself feels a little stiff in the beginning but becomes softer with each pre-wash.

Why we love Disana Muslin Flats:

- Wash easily
- Dry very quickly (in our tests it was the fastest drying insert that we carry)
- 100% organic cotton
- Versatile (can be used as an insert, a booster, burp cloth, swaddle and more)

How to fold your Disana muslin flats:

Washing instructions:

Disana Muslin Flats can be washed hot (up to 95 C) and tumble dried. It is expected that the flats may shrink up to 15%.

Do not use bleach.

Made in Germany


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