Dipam Beeswax Candle Dipping Set 600 gr

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Dipam Beeswax Candle Dipping Set 600 gr 

Preparation: Even with careful work, beeswax can not always be avoided. Therefore, cover the workplace and pay attention to your clothes. Keep a bucket of cold water ready to cool off possible burns. Ava's Appletree cannot be held responsible for any burns

1) Remove the lid and remove the wick.
2) Fill the saucepan with water about 15 cm. Put scissors and knives ready.
3) Select the right amount of wick. In order for the candle to burn off well, it is advisable not to make it thicker than indicated. Cut off a piece of wick and tie a loop at the top.

4) Place the immersion vessel in the saucepan.
5) Heat the water. The wax must not be heated above 75 C!
6) Dip the wick briefly into the wax, pull it out immediately and drain over the pot. 7) If necessary, pull the wick straight, so that a nice, straight candle can emerge and hold it for about 2 minutes to dry or on a hook or hang up.
6 + 7) Repeat the dive to the desired diameter.
8) Cut the candle straight at the bottom with a knife until the wick becomes visible. The cut wax can be returned to the dip tank. Now cut off the wick and let the candle cool.

Attention: The diving vessel must be safe on the bottom of the pot. Beeswax and amount of water must be in an appropriate relationship to each other. Beeswax can be added at any time.
Congratulations, the first beeswax candle is ready!

Please note: when diving for the beeswax candles hot water and hot beeswax are used. This can cause burns. Please make sure you have a solid surface and never leave children unattended.

Recommended for children 10 years plus.

Includes 1 tin,  600g of 100% beeswax, 3 x 3 meter of wick.

Please note that the beeswax reduces when warmed up. We recommend to fill the tin with extra beeswax or old candle pieces. Beeswax Granules Refill packages can be purchased separately.



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