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Charlie Banana One Size Pocket Diapers - 2 in 1 (Discontinued)

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Charlie Banana One Size Pocket Diapers


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If convenience and the ability to switch between washable and disposable inserts is important to you, then Charlie Banana is truly your best choice. This innovative hybrid diaper features fully adjustable snaps and leg elastics to fit your growing baby from birth to potty training, has wide elastic casings around the legs and the back to contain messes, and 2 very absorbent inserts (1 small and 1 long insert).


How to use Charlie Banana one size diapers

It's very simple. Charlie Banana offers an easy to adjust one-size pocket diaper. Snaps around the waist offer multiple sizing options while the easy-to-adjust straps inside the leg casings offer a unique size while your baby grows. Charlie Banana's adjustable straps are as easy to adjust as your bra, just slide the buckle up or down to adjust the sizing. It is nicely hidden inside the fleece so that no parts of the strap design touches your baby's delicate skin. Once adjusted you don't need to touch it again until baby's next growth spurt.

Most of the times you will use this Charlie Banana diaper as a pocket diaper. Charlie Banana diapers have an opening in the front where you can slip in either one or both inserts depending on how much absorbent material is needed. The micro fleece on top wicks away moisture into the inner of the diaper and keeps your baby's bum dry and comfortable.

If you are out and about, travelling, or need to leave your baby with their grandparents or at the daycare, you can also use biodegradable disposable inserts that can be easily disposed of once soiled (sold seperately).


Insert washable inserts into the pocket opening. Place disposable liners on top of the fleece.

Available Colours

Charlie Banana offers a range of uni-coloured diapers as well a large selection of fashion prints by designer Matthew Langille, all featuring punchy colors and an artistic, retro feel.



One Size Diaper, fits babies 6-35 lbs

How many diapers do you need?

Generally we recommend to have 12 diapers per day. You require about 24-36 diapers if you wash them every 2-3 days.


How to take care of Charlie Banana Diapers

Wash your Charlie Banana diapers in warm water to a maximum of 40C/104F. Use any eco-friendly detergent, only half of the recommended amount is needed.

Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Tumble dry on low or hang to dry.


Shell: 100% Polyester

Microfiber Inserts

Made in Hong Kong

Please note: We can only ship Charlie Banana to customers in Canada.


Reviews (3)

Catherine's Mom 4th Nov 2015

One size really does fit all ages!

I absolutely loved these diapers. They fit my daughter for the entire time she needed diapers. They have been washed countless times and are still in perfect condition. Just as a note to other moms - they will leak if they become too full, but for a cloth diaper I am more than satisfied with these and would use them again for my next child!

3rd Apr 2014

Not Bad for a daytime diaper

I found them difficult to put on, the adjustable leg while happy to be able to get a good leg fit were annoying to adjust. A very trim diaper but felt stuffing them was difficult and inserts sometimes didn't lay properly. Had a minor leak in a short period of time, so would definitely not recommend for night use.

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