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Bummis Potty Pant

Looks like undies! On and off like undies! But there's more than meets the eye...

  • very trim and can easily be worn under clothing - no fluffy bums here!
  • looks like underwear – let your little one feel like a big kid! - easy on, easy off
  • two hidden absorbent layers where it counts: one layer of long loop cotton terry and and one layer of a special fabric that is a mix of fibres from cotton, polyester and rayon from bamboo - as absorbent as microfibre but easier to wash!
  • soft lining made of natural cotton-hemp fabric allows for that helpful sensation of wetness - babies in cloth tend to potty train sooner!
  • outer layer of waterproof fabric prevents leaks
  • stretchy lightweight side panels for a trimmer fit & greater comfort and adjustability
  • accommodates wee ones of all sizes – from skinny minis to chunky monkeys!
  • healthy, eco-friendly and made in Canada from fabrics manufactured in the USA


Small: 18 - 25 lbs / 8 - 11 kg
Medium: 25 - 30 lbs / 11 - 14 kg
Large: 30 - 35 lbs / 14 - 16 kg
X-Large: 35 lbs and up / 16 kg and up

All of Bummis' wraps are made with careful attention to detail in their own wonderful factory in the Montreal area, so that they are assured of good quality and fair labour practices. All of the fabrics and components used to make the Potty Pant are manufactured in North America and all materials are guaranteed lead, pthalate and BPA free.

Made in Canada


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HH 22nd Apr 2018

work wonderfully

My 2.5 year old has been fully potty trained for a couple of months now but I still put these on him at night and when out. He has had one accident in them at night while asleep. He woke up and told me his pants were wet because he could feel the wetness (which is good) but they are totally waterproof so everything else was dry. I have 4 of these.

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