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Boba 4G Carrier





We are excited to receive one of the first Boba 4G Carriers in Canada. The new Boba 4G features the same benefits as the Boba 3G except that is has now an integrated infant position that allows you to carry your baby without snapping the waist belt up. The Integrated Infant Insert snaps into the bottom of the carrier and is designed to work with the proper leg positioning of a newborn. It also has one adjustment feature which works great for growing babies that are not yet ready to spread their legs in the carrier! Please see the photos of Boba's new Integrated Infant Insert below:


Boba Carrier Kangaroo: Playful and fun, this Boba Carrier features a beautiful print design with a kangaroo and its baby on greyish-blue background. Printed panel on black body and black straps. Made from 100% brushed cotton.

Why we love Boba Baby Carriers

  • Fully adjustable, fits parents 5'0" - 6'3" (only one baby carrier for mom and dad)
  • Sleeping hood offers comfort and protection for baby while sleeping (can be stored in small pocket or completely removed)
  • Loosening the straps allows for breast-feeding without taking baby out of the carrier
  • Removable foot straps provide a better sitting position for your toddler
  • Snaps on top of the straps can hold mom's diaper bag in place (no more sliding off the shoulders)
  • Leave your purse at home and store your belongings like keys and phone in the pockets (2) along the waistband


Boba 4G Carriers are suitable for babies and toddlers 7 - 45lbs and allow for several carrying positions including newborn hold, front carry and back carry.

Choose from fun, playful prints and modern colour combination, this baby carrier is a truly beautiful, slim and comfortable carrier that can be enjoyed throughout your entire baby wearing time.

And now that Boba 4G Carriers are available in Canada, Canadian parents can enjoy the new generation of Boba with Free Shipping* right to their door.


Reviews (2)

Nancy Trottier 23rd Dec 2016

i love it so much

It a perfect produit! And the service is exceptionnal

krystal 22nd Dec 2015

best baby carrier I've tried yet.

I've only used my boba a couple times so far, but i really love it and would definitely recommend it. I'm on the heavier side and this fits on me the best i have found, still has room, and can be adjusted easily and quickly for someone smaller. Also i have a degenerative disk disease and while i think it could be improved slightly, my boba has been the best carrier I've tried in terms of not causing my back extra pain. The only improvement i can think of would be the design of the shoulder straps. I find that where they come under my arms at the back digs in a fair bit and could maybe be better if they criss crossed around, or connected a bit lower down than the base of the neck, but it seems to me that that is the case with almost every carrier I've tried. Apart from that this has been better for both me and baby than the ergo, ring sling, baby Bjorn, and one other I'm not sure of the name. the ergo made my baby's legs turn blue, and all the rest were very hard on my back to wear. my baby loves the boba, her legs don't loose circulation and she wiggles and dances happily in it a lot. Very happy with my purchase so far and will be telling friends to try it.

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