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Best Bottom Potty Training Kits - Coconut

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Best Bottom Potty Training Kits


Best Bottom Potty Training Pants make transitioning from diapers to underwear an ease. Chosen by toddlers for the look and feel of real underwear, yet with a waterproof zone! Easy for kids to pull up and down. Snap-in FeelWET inserts are soft and absorbent, leaving just enough moisture for kids to feel when they need a change. With cute prints on each insert, kids want to avoid accidents just as much as you do!

How to use Best Bottom Potty Training Pants

  1. Snap FeelWET insert into training pants.
  2. If accidents happen un-snap wet insert and replace with a clean one.
  3. Reuse until soiled or laundry day. Machine wash warm, tumble dry low.


Prints on inserts may vary.

Best Bottom Training Pants are available in the following sizes:

Size Weight Waist Thigh Rise
Small (2T) 20-28 lbs. 15"-20" 12"-12.25" 7.5"
Medium (3T) 25-35 lbs. 16"-22" 13"-13.25" 8"
Large (4T) 30-40 lbs. 17"-25" 14"-14.25" 8.5"

Now available in 5T (extra large) 35-50 lbs.

Made in USA, Best Bottom Potty Training Kits are now available in Canada!


Reviews (4)

Barb 4th May 2019

Best bottom training pants kit

My girl is petite and it is hard to find something that will even stay on. We got the size small (2T) and they work for the most part. They keep in the majority of the mess but as they do gap a bit at the legs there are tiny puddles left behind after an accident. She can easily pull these up and down her self and switching inserts is easy. She notices right away when she has an accident and I love that! I have bought both the coconut and bubblegum covers with three fun and colorful inserts each. Great product!! If there was an extra small size it would be 5 stars

Catherine's Mom 4th Nov 2015

Great training pants!

I really like these training pants - they are quite good at holding in the mess. I read in the reviews that others are having sizing troubles so as a reference my daughter is 30lbs has a 13" thigh and 20.5" waist and the 4T size fits perfectly. The only downside to this one is the colour. The white cotton is hard to get stains out of, otherwise these are fantastic!

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