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AMP AIO Diaper


If you are looking for an easy to use cloth diaper, may it be for your own convenience or for your baby's caretaker to have a quick to adapt cloth diaper, AMP Stay Dry AIO Diapers are your best bet. All-in-One (AIO) cloth diapers are going on and off like disposables and there are no special techniques to learn before using them. This AIO diaper features four absorbent layers that are directly sewn into the diaper, you don't need to stuff or remove any inserts which makes diaper washing a mess free task. The super soft fleece on top of the absorbent layers wicks away wetness and keeps your baby comfortable and dry. The AMP AIO Diaper is a wonderful cloth diaper for the busy mom, the occasional caretaker or for your baby's daycare.

Why we love AMP AIO Diapers

  • Easy to adjust
  • No learning of techniques required
  • Very soft on babies skin
  • Easy to wash
  • Great colours
  • Strong velcro closure
  • Made in Canada

AMP AIO Diapers are available in the following sizes:

Small fits aprox. 6-14lbs
Med fits aprox. 12-22lbs
Large fits aprox. 18-38lbs

Please keep in mind that sizing is approximate and depends on the build of your baby for example a very chubby 18lb baby will get a better fit with a large.

The sewn in layers are made of microfiber.

We recommend using AMP flushable diaper liners with your AMP AIO Diaper to ensure a long-lasting life of your diaper.


Reviews (5)

Sabrina 2nd Jun 2017

Easiest and Neatest cloth diapers

These diapers are the best I've tried. I like how tidy and neat they are. They are leak proof and not bulky which I like too. I don't like pre-folds and inserts because you end up with more work at laundry time putting all the diapers back together! These are easy to wash and line-dry and no extra work. Great colours too! I love AMP all-in-ones!

Caitlin 27th Sep 2013

amazing product!!!

My daughter was preemie size so all my bum genius cloth diapers were to big and these small ones for her perfectly!! She is 5 pounds 6 ounces and LoVES the cloth on her bum. She won't sleep without one on...don't some!!! Tip...the poo stains come out 100% with use of the laundry tart stain remover stick which is a Canadian product and amazing for 5$ a stick.(lasts about 2 weeks if you wash every day)

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