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AMP One Size Duo Pocket Diaper

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AMP One Size Duo Diaper


Please find below our bulk discounts for AMP One Size Duo Diapers

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AMP Diapers, a Canadian cloth diaper company, has designed a new versatile diaper, the AMP one size Duo Diaper, which you can use as either as an All-in-Two Diaper or as a Pocket Diaper. The great benefit of this design is that you can use your AMP one size Duo Diaper during the daytime as an AI2, meaning that you place the absorbent insert on top of the fleece instead of into the pocket opening. Replace the wet insert and reuse the cover. This way you can reuse your diaper until it gets soiled or wet. Please note that inserts are sold separately.

If you are using the AMP one size Duo Diaper as a Pocket Diaper, place the absorbent insert inside of the pocket opening. The opening is placed at the front of the AMP Duo Diaper to make removing of the insert mess free. The soft stay dry fleece is designed to wick wetness away and to keep your baby as dry and comfortable as possible. This is a great way to use the AMP one size Duo Diaper at night or when you are out with your baby and the changes may not be coming as often.

The AMP one size Duo Diaper has three different rise options and multiple tummy and thigh settings to ensure each diaper provides a custom fit from birth to potty (7 to 35lbs).

The outer layer is a soft waterproof PUL.

AMP Diapers offer a great selection of bright colours, pastels and prints (you can view the prints in the photo stream above). Take a look!

We love AMP Diaper's new prints and we believe so will you. They have finally arrived in Toronto!

Why we love AMP one size Duo Diapers

  • Great fit
  • Very absorbent
  • Breathable
  • Inserts can be removed easily
  • Fast drying due to a 2 piece diapering system
  • Very soft on your baby's delicate skin
  • Grows with your baby
  • Very versatile, two styles in one diaper

We recommend the following inserts:

AMP diapers work great with our AMP 2-Layer Hemp Inserts or AMP Bamboo Inserts.

If you need extra absorbency for your heavy wetter or for night-time use try our AMP Hemp Boosters.

amp-duo-pocket.jpg amp-duo-ai2.jpg

Please note: Most one-size diapers actually won't fit babies under 10lbs. Therefore we recommend using a small AMP Stay Dry AIO Diaper  for the first weeks to ensure a proper fit.

All Inserts are sold seperately!

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About AMP Diapers

AMP diapers is a Canadian cloth diaper company which offers quality diapers that fit babies of all shapes and sizes. Loved by moms and babies alike, all AMP diapers have a few things in common; they are super soft, easy to care for and are truly comfortable. AMP diapers are designed to keep the messes in; they can be fully adjusted and provide excellent absorbency. AMP diapers were designed by Annie, a mother who decided that cloth diapers should be functional and comfortable throughout all stages. Every AMP diaper is made in Canada, in the AMP diapers factory in Winnipeg. Using the highest quality fabrics ensures that AMP diapers are durable and functional. AMP diapers offers many great designs, including AMP one size Duo Diapers, Sized Duo Diaper, Stay Dry All in One Diapers, soft and absorbent inserts and more! AMP diapers' most popular one size Duo Diaper is now available in prints. Try AMP diapers today and see why so many parents love them!


Reviews (4)

Alicia Seed 27th Nov 2018

So absorbent

These are wonderful. They last so long and are so absorbent! Great for any size and perfect in a pocket diaper for on the go. Wonderfully soft as well!

Alicia Seed 27th Nov 2018


Cute designs and absolutely perfect! So easy to use too

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