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AMP Hemp Fitted Diaper (Old Style)

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AMP Hemp Fitted Diaper


AMP Hemp Fitted Diapers are made of two body layers of hemp fleece (55% hemp/45% cotton) plus an additional layer of internal soaker making three layers of absorbency in the diaper body. An extra three-layer hemp/cotton booster is included with each diaper.


  • A two-part diapering system drastically reduces drying times. 
  • Soft stretchy elastic gathers at the legs and the back offer a great leak-proof fit.
  • Hemp fleece is a nice stretchy fabric that will gently hug your baby.
  • It’s a fantastic fabric for diapers as it’s very absorbent and durable, plus it has antimicrobial properties.
  • High quality resin snaps for ease of use and durability.


Available in two sizes for a great fit from birth to potty learning. All our hemp products are made of pre-washed hemp fleece to minimize shrinkage on finished products.
Small fits approx 8 - 15lbs
Large fits approx 15 - 35lbs


AMP fitted diapers need to be prepped before first use to remove oils from the fibers and to increase absorbency. Please pre-wash your hemp/cotton diapers at least 3 times with hot water. Hemp/Cotton will reach maximum absorbency after about 10 hot washes. 

Wash and dry on medium heat anytime after.

Made in Canada


AMP diapers is a Canadian cloth diaper company which offers quality diapers that fit babies of all shapes and sizes. Loved by moms and babies alike, all AMP diapers have a few things in common; they are super soft, easy to care for and are truly comfortable. AMP diapers are designed to keep the messes in; they can be fully adjusted and provide excellent absorbency. AMP diapers were designed by Annie, a mother who decided that cloth diapers should be functional and comfortable throughout all stages. Every AMP diaper is made in Canada, in the AMP diapers factory in Winnipeg. Using the highest quality fabrics ensures that AMP diapers are durable and functional. AMP diapers offers many great designs, including AMP one size Duo Diapers, Sized Duo Diaper, Stay Dry All in One Diapers, soft and absorbent inserts and more! AMP diapers' most popular one size Duo Diaper is now available in prints. Try AMP diapers today and see why so many parents love them!


Reviews (9)

Jen 27th Sep 2019

Worst Cloth Diaper I've Tried

We have been cloth diapering my 13 month old for about 10 months now. For daytime we use Bum Genius Pocket Diapers (highly recommend) and for nighttime we use MothersEase Nightime Diapers (highly recommend). We found lately the MothersEase diapers were leaking a bit at night. My husband wanted to switch to disposables at night, but I find they leak sometimes too, so I wanted to find a better solution. After a lot of reading, I decided to go with the AMP Hemp Fitted Diaper and the Disana Wool Cover from this site. In large part, I chose this system because of the good reviews. I only bought one of each to make sure it worked before I invested too much, and I am so glad I did. This is a terrible system. For starters, my son leaks way more in this system at night then he does in the MothersEase or disposables. "Leak" isn't even the right word, he is soaking wet. I emailed Ava's Appletree when this first happened to let them know. I told them I had followed the washing instructions for the Fitted Diaper, and they said it was probably the Disana cover, and sent me instructions to lanolize it, which I did. It made no difference. The AMP diaper is SOAKING wet in the morning, even with the extra insert, and the Disana cover is damp and stinks. On top of them not working, they are a pain to wash. The AMP, based on reviews, shrinks a lot in the dryer, so I hang it - it takes days to dry. The Wool cover is a pain to wash, a pain to lanolize, and it takes like a week to dry. Now that being said you are supposed to only have to wash the cover once a week, but when it is stinking of pee that is not an option. Overall, this system is WAY more work and WAY more complicated and works WAY less well then the MothersEase Nighttime diapers. I obviously do not recommend.

Sitara S. 11th Jun 2019

Best diapers for night!

Love them! The only thing that I would NOT recommend putting these diapers into the dryer! They shrink A LOT even on low heat after uses.

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