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AMP 2 Layer Hemp Booster

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AMP 2-Layer Hemp Booster


Need to boost the absorbency of your diapers?
2 layers of super absorbent hemp cotton make these boosters trim and absorbent. These are AMP hemp boosters but they will fit into almost any diaper.
Great for adding extra absorbency at night!

1 booster

Made in Canada

About AMP Diapers

AMP diapers is a Canadian cloth diaper company which offers quality diapers that fit babies of all shapes and sizes. Loved by moms and babies alike, all AMP diapers have a few things in common; they are super soft, easy to care for and are truly comfortable. AMP diapers are designed to keep the messes in; they can be fully adjusted and provide excellent absorbency. AMP diapers were designed by Annie, a mother who decided that cloth diapers should be functional and comfortable throughout all stages. Every AMP diaper is made in Canada, in the AMP diapers factory in Winnipeg. Using the highest quality fabrics ensures that AMP diapers are durable and functional. AMP diapers offers many great designs, including AMP one size Duo Diapers, Sized Duo Diaper, Stay Dry All in One Diapers, soft and absorbent inserts and more! AMP diapers' most popular one size Duo Diaper is now available in prints. Try AMP diapers today and see why so many parents love them!


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Kerry 27th Jun 2013

They Work!

I was skeptical when I got these. They were so thin! My LO had been experiencing night leaks in her bumgenius 4.0's due to being such a heavy wetter and I had tried other boosters but they were too thick and caused compression leaks. So I got these becuse they were thin but was unsure if they would do the job. They worked! Very well too!

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