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Disana Organic Wool Diaper Cover (Day and Night)

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Product Description

Disana Wool Diaper Cover


Disana - our customers' favourite wool diaper cover - made in Germany

Disana wool diaper covers offer the ultimate solution for nighttime leaks, even for heavy wetters. No more wet sleep sacks or bed sheets. Just pull your Disana Wool Cover over a fitted diaper or prefold and your baby will wake up dry and happy in the morning. Wool diaper covers are highly absorbent, dirt repellent, extremely breathable and ultra comfortable. Made from 100% organic merinodisana-wool-cover.jpg wool, these wool covers are available in four different sizes for a custom fit. This pull-up wool cover is made with a light-weight double knit. Wool naturally contains lanolin, which binds the moisture with the fiber and repells dirt. If your wool diaper cover is only a little damp you can air it out between uses and reuse it. Wool covers are highly breathable and despite parents concerns, keep baby's skin much cooler than do PUL covers. Whether during daytime or nighttime, summer or winter, the Disana wool diaper cover is an excellent choice for an all natural, organic, and worry-free diaper cover. Disana wool diaper covers are one of Germany's most popular diaper covers, now available in Canada, including the new spring colours.

If used as an over-night diaper, do not put a pyjama over the wool cover as cotton may draw moisture out of the wool cover. A shirt and the wool covers inside a sleeping sack is enough to keep your baby warm and dry.

We recommend using newborn fitted diapers or newborn prefolds under our Disana wool covers in the size XS. Both, our Storchenkinder Fitted Diaper in size 1 or AMP fitted diapers in size 1, are great fitted diapers that fit newborns and beyond well. All other cover sizes fit well over any one-size or sized fitted diaper.

For best results we recommend that you lanolize your wool covers twice before you use them.

How to take care of Disana Wool Covers

Once a week, or when your wool diaper cover starts to smell, you should wash it with a gentle wool detergent, such as our Disana Wool Shampoo. Woollen products should be hand washed at a maximum temperature of 30 ºC. Simply fill your sink with lukewarm water and add some wool wash to it. Place your wool cover into the water. You can then check if your cover needs to be lanolized again: if the cover swims on top of the water without soaking it up then it still has enough lanolin in it. If it soaks up water you should lanolize it after your wash. Back to your washing routine: swirl your wool diaper cover in the water and let it soak for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, gently wash it again; turning it inside out helps wash into the fibres. Avoid rubbing or wringing of the fibre to prevent felting. Once washed, rinse the cover, gently squeeze out excess water with your hands or with a towel, and dry flat. Do not tumble dry or dry clean your wool diaper cover.

How to lanolize Disana wool diaper covers25.jpg

With every wash you neutralize the lanolin content in the fibre. To replenish the lanolin in your wool diaper cover simply dissolve 2 tbsp of our liquid Disana Lanolin Conditioner in warm water. Add some cold water to bring temperature down to lukewarm. Now you can add your wool cover: swirl it around and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. To finish, swirl it around again, then drain the water and squeeze excess water out of the cover, first with your hand and then with a towel. Dry flat. Your cover will dry in about 24 hours after lanolizing. Done!

Size Chart:

EUR Size US Size Age
62/68 XS 1-6 months
74/80 S 6-12 months
86/92 M 12-24 months
98/104 L 2-3 years


Please note that Disana wool covers size xs are labeled 3-6 months by the manufacturer. Our experience is that it fits most babies 1-6 months. We have a fair amount of parents that use the xs covers from newborn age already. It will reach up to the armpits of your baby but it is still a soft, breathable and workable cover.

Available Colours: green, natural, hazelnut (lighter than shown), red, orange, blue, plum, berry (not shown)


Made in Germany

About Disana

Disana has received the "BEST" organic textiles label and "Global Organic Textile Standard" label for many of its products. This sign of quality is conferred after an extensive certification and testing process, and indicates that organic textiles are of the highest ecological quality. All Disana products are manufactured in Germany.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Magnifique 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jul 2017

    Le couvre couche est si beau que je l'utilise même de jour ou pour les sorties. Mon garçon est très confortable dedans et n'a jamais chaud. Très belle qualité de produit. Je vais en acheter d'autres sans aucune hésitation! Même des ''longies'' qui sera parfait pour l'hiver :D.

  2. love this diaper cover! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd May 2017

    Love! I used to use the airflow diaper covers from motherease.. and they would leave large red marks on my daughter's thighs! I tried this diaper cover and it perfect! Let's everything breath and keeps everything dry. A lot more comfortable than other diaper covers! Easy to clean and maintain!

  3. Love these covers :-) 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Dec 2016

    I use these along with a fitted hemp and extra insert with cover and my daughter wakes up in the morning dry :-) Love these :-)

  4. Excellent bang for your buck 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Sep 2016

    I normally use woolybottoms covers, and decided to try these for my boys as a change because of the price point. I am a convert to Disana now!
    Much softer wool, dries faster after washing, and the price is amazing for what you get.

  5. Love Love this diaper cover! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Sep 2016

    I just love this diaper cover. I'm not really using my fitted diapers and prefolds that much since I got more than 50 pocket diapers but I use the diaper cover nonetheless to prevent my heavy wetter boy from leaking. The diaper cover is really well made and very stretchy. I bought the size bigger in fear that it might be really hard to put on, but that's not a problem at all!
    I haven't lanolized the cover since I got it but haven't had any problems with leaks. I bought the 6-12 month and the cover is a little big on my 2 month old but the cover fit him too and won't fall off. He just looks so adorable in the cover.

  6. not fully satisfied 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Aug 2016

    I purchased the wool diaper cover and used the lanolin conditioner on it as well, but it still does not hold up to my son when he pees at night. I was really hoping this would be the product to do the trick after much research on the product and reading how great it was, I am not fully satisfied with the product

    From Ava's Appletree: we are happy to help you figure out why your wool cover is leaking at night. The most common problem is that either the cover was only lanolized once instead of twice or that the fitted diaper underneath was not strong/thick enough. When choosing a nighttime diaper, we recommend using a fitted diaper (not prefold) as they tend to be more absorbent. The fitted diaper should be made of several layers of hemp/cotton (e.g. AMP diapers) or bamboo as this material is known to be more absorbent than just cotton or microfiber. If you still have questions, please get in touch with our cloth diaper team at info@avasappletree.ca. We would love to help you!

  7. Well worth it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Aug 2016

    These wool soakers have solved our night time woes. I love tucking my babe in them. I use them over a hemp cloth diaper and cover. I find they wick away any leaks for a dry night, which is great since our little one usually ends up in our bed! I recommend purchasing two as they do take a few days to dry. Well made, and well worth it!

  8. Love it!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jun 2016

    My husband and I are new to cloth diapering. We were having a difficult time finding diapers with liners that were absorbant enough for my heavy soaker son. These woolies are light weight, stretchy and super absorbant! I can't wait to get more. Very easy to clean. however, do not put in the dryer ever! One of ours accidently made it in the wash. Luckily it still fits, but Im sure it wont for long as it shrunk

  9. Best wool covers (and I've tried a lot!) 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jun 2016

    I bought these to use at nights as my other wool covers were leaking. They are great and don't leak at all because of the high waist and length around the legs. Highly recommend, especially for night use. Plus she looks adorable in them and they work as pyjamas if worn with a little t-shirt, or just on their own if it's hot weather. Perfect - wish i'd bought them from the beginning instead of trying out others (home made, cheaper, etc).

  10. Believe the hype 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th May 2016

    I recently had my first baby, and for months and months I obsessed over the diapers I was getting him and doing research on covers, fitteds etc. I ended up getting 2 DIsana wool diaper covers (granted it was a mistake because I was trying to order them in different sizes)

    I'm happy to report that these are great, easy to lanolize, don't make my baby all hot and bothered and keep everything in. A huge plus is that they look super adorable on as well.

    Colors are just like the picture, wool is soft and not itchy. Highly recommend.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 34 | Next

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